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Are you a rising star?

"A rising star in a particular sport, art or area of business is someone who is starting to do very well and who people think will soon be very successful."
Rising Star Definition
Collins Dictionary

Rising Stars in sport, arts & entertainment, corporate and entrepreneurship hire Debra Russell to master the skills and habits that propel their success, because they are sick and tired of

  • struggling to navigate their career without a map,
  • grappling with prioritizing, procrastination and perfectionism
  • and suffering silently with imposter syndrome worrying that someone will expose their unworthiness.

Through coaching, personal, and professional development, Debra helps them master the essential knowledge and abilities they need to reach the pinnacle that their talent and ambition deserves, guaranteed.

Rising Stars face unique challenges and obstacles on their path to success. Some of these might resonate for you:

  • Time Management issues
  • Transitioning from one career or position to one you feel less capable or comfortable in
  • Maintaining family and social connection while building your career or business and dealing with feelings of isolation and loneliness
  • Imposter syndrome and the fear of coming up short
  • Analysis paralysis – feeling frozen in the uncertainty of the right move to make and the right time to make it
  • Toxic comparison – looking at others and believing yourself lacking
This is not a comprehensive list. Debra has successfully worked with hundreds of clients facing their challenges and coming out on top, which inspired her to create Rising Star Systems.

Already Successful?

People think, “When I’m successful, I can just settle back and life will be easy.” But that’s not how it really works, is it?

Instead, you’re faced with new challenges. And doing the things that got you to this level of success are somehow not working.

Each new level of success has its own unique challenges and requires different skills, habits, and mindset.

And managing change and transition is its own challenge. Coaching can give you the support, along with personal and professional development to help you navigate these new waters with grace and ease.

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Self Study

Skill development programs that you work at your own pace in the 5 Star areas of Rising Star Systems Program

Group Coaching

In a safe environment, you achieve your goals while supporting your teammates to do the same.

Laser Coaching

Receive private one-to-one coaching in efficient, productive and highly effective sessions at an affordable price.

Benefits of Coaching

Coaching can be highly beneficial for rising stars in various fields, providing you with valuable guidance and support as you navigate your career.

  1. Personalized Development
  2. Enhanced Self-awareness
  3. Skill Enhancement
  4. Confidence Building
  5. Career Navigation
group coaching

Time Management eBook

Top 5 Time Management Mistakes

Do you struggle with the 3 Ps of Time Management – prioritization, procrastination and perfectionism?

Do you get to the end of your day and wonder what the heck happened?

Time Management is the meta system that encompasses everything else. If your time management doesn’t work, nothing else will!

In this eBook by Debra Russell, you will discover the Top 5 Mistakes and what to do about them!


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