Rising Star Systems

Are you passionate about what you do? And are you struggling with the “business” side of it?

Well, that’s my specialty. I’m a NJ-Based Certified Business Coach, and I work with both individuals and companies all over the world to help people achieve their business goals and create a real and lasting living doing what they love.

What makes me different from a typical business coach is that I work with you to make the “business” of your passion productive, sustainable and even fun!

I help you eliminate the Mystery and create your own Mastery!

As a specialist in the Arts & Entertainment Industry, I work with professionals (full-time and part-time) in,

  • The music business: artists, composers, and those who support them such as agents, managers, producers and sound engineers, etc.
  • The film industry: producers, directors, writers, actors and crew and those who support them such as agents, managers, publicists, headshot photographers, etc.
  • Other creative professions: fiction and non-fiction writers, visual artists (including multi-media, sculpture, photography, etc.), designers and more
  • Professional Athletes to create success on AND off the field

I also coach professionals across a wide range of other fields — in fact, whatever you do, if you are passionate about it, I’m confident I can coach you to be successful with the business of that passion. Even better, I can help you reduce the stress surrounding the “money-making” aspect of your business so you can get back to loving what you do!

Business coaching can help you improve your performance and success in many areas including:

Coaching can lead to real and sustainable improvement in:

  • The ability to be productive and make the most of your often limited time
  • Prioritizing, particularly the ability to manage conflicting priorities
  • Reducing stress and overwhelm by creating systems for both time and task management that are organically suited to your unique work style
  • Project management by designing workable plans that generate real and visible progress
Debra, tactfully and with grace, navigated me through my resistance to change. She single-handedly facilitated my transformation from the dreamer-drifter type, nonspecific about anything, to a detail-specific time management master!

This is a big bucket term that includes:

  • Confidence – so that you can really go after what you want
  • Self-Esteem – to keep your spirits up and maintain your focus while you navigate the challenges, rejections and obstacles that are a normal, everyday aspect of pursuing your dreams
  • Overcoming Fear – because pursuing your passions takes real courage
  • Managing Your Emotions – so you can deal with others with power, grace and finesse

I am also certified in both NLP and Hypnotherapy, so I can help you to work though and release deeper held issues in this area. Be sure to ask about the Personal Breakthrough Session!

Debra, I am in awe of the work you do and deeply grateful for your coaching. I chose you for your depth and spirituality, beyond all of your incredible knowledge and skill. I worked with you because you speak from experience and you choose to be grateful in times of darkness. You have been a kindred soul I could trust with my struggles and weaknesses as well as my victories. You helped me to take up my power in a way that might just stick!!

When it comes to pursuing your passion as your business, there is one very common obstacle – you spend all of your time, energy and training on becoming really good at that passion…

…but creating a successful business requires a whole other set of skills.  Business coaching can help you develop and hone those skills you need to prosper professionally, including:

I started working with Debra Russell 6 months before I launched my freelance writing and consulting business–it was the best business decision I could have made! Debra helped me with every aspect of the new business, everything from learning how to set and achieve goals to putting financial systems and time management practices into place, as well the nitty-gritty details like negotiating rates with new clients. Most important for me, she helped me to determine my vision for the kind of work I wanted to focus on. Thanks to Debra’s help, my freelance business is already very successful just a few months after launching!

Prices are available upon request.