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Do you have an Internal block that seems to follow you where ever you go, whatever you do? If you could just get over this one issue –what goals could you achieve? What would that be worth to you? In Your Personal Breakthrough Session, I use NLP and hypnosis techniques that can actually unhook that issue at it’s root, so that you can fully and completely release it.

What would your life be like if this issue were no longer present?

For decades I struggled with feeling powerless and studiously avoided anyone I saw as “more powerful” for fear of being victimized. I was mildly successful at accepting and managing my attitude but had given up on ever significantly changing it. When I resolved to make a career of songwriting and production, it quickly became obvious that all the talent, perseverance and hard work in the world wasn’t going to get me where I wanted to go as long as I couldn’t forge warm professional relationships. Over two extended sessions, without drama or struggle, Debra enabled me to simply disconnect this destructive, knee-jerk response. The impact has positively affected all of my relationships both business and personal. The difference is so profound that I find it hard to remember what it felt like before! Jon Sorensen, Songwriter/Producer
As a coach, I am constantly blown away by the power of these sessions. I’ve worked with people who have spent years in therapy trying to get past this one block, issue or childhood trauma. And when I follow-up with them after the session, very often they find it very difficult to describe what’s changed. But when they really look at it, everything has changed.

Because it’s as if that block or issue never existed!!

Debra was dynamic and insightful during my Personal Breakthrough Session. She was able to skillfully guide me to find answers to difficult questions within myself. The process was very effective for me. After the session with Debra, I found myself thinking and acting with a new self-confidence. Opportunities suddenly came my way, and I was able say yes to them. There was no fear, no doubt, no discouraging voices from the past. I felt truly empowered and joyful. Linda Kay Burke, Singer/Songwriter
Because these foundational issues often have tentacles in so many aspects of your life. You may clearly see them affecting one area. And then, when we clear that issue, you discover so many blocks have magically dissolved.
After the Personal Breakthrough Session, I found that an issue that had stymied me for years no longer had the power to prevent me from moving forward. Sophie Littlefield, Writer
  Some of the issues or blocks that are well suited to Your Personal Breakthrough Session:
  • Foundational limiting beliefs – like “I’m not good enough” or “I can’t get what I want”
  • Inner conflicts like – “Part of me wants to succeed, but part of me thinks it would be selling out”
  • Childhood traumas or issues – like being the child of an alcoholic or abusive parent
  • As well as phobias and some addictions – like stage fright or smoking
Clients have reported after sessions that relationships from the past show up and they are able to be completely themselves and very often repair old hurts and misunderstandings. Current relationships with parents have become much less fraught with old triggers and more open and loving. I’ve watched clients easily and effortlessly take action in their career in ways that would not even have been conceivable before this process.
I carried into my session with Debra an annoying habit – deeply ingrained in my moment-to-moment thought process. I knew it was there. I knew it was destructive. I knew it was causing stress. I knew it was diminishing my ability to perform, and I knew that it did not need to be there. Debra unhooked it as easily as removing an old picture from a wall. J.H., Musician, Programmer, San Rafael, CA
Your Personal Breakthrough takes place in three Sessions:
  • Intake Session – 1.5 to 2 hours by telephone
  • Personal Breakthrough Session – 2.5 to 3 hours in person, skype video or telephone and within 48 hours of the Intake Session
  • Follow-up Session – .5-1 hour by telephone about 2 weeks later
Fees for this service available upon request.