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The Mindset of a Leader – Part 1

Artists MBA, Professional Program

When we think about leaders, usually our focus is on their behavior and how their behavior influences the world around them. And perhaps we try to emulate that behavior with varying levels of success.

The reason we have varying levels of success is because behaviors come from underlying beliefs about our world and our place within our world. In order to become authentic leaders in our own lives, we must build a foundation of beliefs that empower leadership behavior.

Debra Recommends Ning – Create Your Social Network

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Ning.com is a very cool thing!  Ning lets you create your own social network and/or join others. Based in Palo Alto, Calif., Ning offers an easy-to-use technology platform enabling you to create and join Ning Networks for your interests and passions. With over 1.3 million Ning social networks created and more than 30 million registered […]

Debra Recommends Patrick Schwerdtfeger Internet Marketing Expert

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I met Patrick in 2006 through his San Francisco Bay Area Meetup – The Entrepreneur and Small Business Academy.  I am tremendously impressed with his vast knowledge of marketing on the internet, SEO and social media marketing. Patrick is, frankly, a self-described geek and ridiculously passionate about all things internet marketing.  And he has a […]

Social Media Marketing – Part 1

I’m completely fired up about doing the social media thing the right way – and I no longer feel completely overwhelmed by it. And so, of course, I want to help you feel the same way.


I believe that Leadership, or the lack thereof, underlies many if not all of the challenges that we are experiencing in today’s world. But what is Leadership?