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Social Media Do’s and Don’ts

Just read a great blog post with an overview of Do’s and Don’ts in the Social Media world. The How To’s of Social Media (Resource no longer available) By Talia DeVault Having just returned from a Bay Area Women in Film event on “Utilizing Social Media,” I felt compelled to share the knowledge of the creative […]

The Mindset of a Leader – Part 3

Artists MBA, Professional Program

When we think about leaders, usually our focus is on their behavior and how their behavior influences the world around them. And perhaps we try to emulate that behavior with varying levels of success.

The reason we have varying levels of success is because behaviors come from underlying beliefs about our world and our place within our world. In order to become authentic leaders in our own lives, we must build a foundation of beliefs that empower leadership behavior.

Taylor Swift – Is Her Career Over?

I wrote this to Bob Lefsetz in response to his rallying cry for Taylor Swift and against the almost universal online and mainstream media bashing.