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Niche Marketing – How Thinking Small Can Payoff Big

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What is a Niche, really? And why is everybody talking about Niche Marketing? Many business owners are afraid to define their niche on the mistaken premise that they will lose business as a result. The truth is just the opposite. Designing your marketing around a Niche can enable you to have a major impact on […]

Niche Marketing – How Thinking Small Can Payoff BIG!

What is a Niche, really?  And why is everybody talking about Niche Marketing?  According to About.com a Niche Market is a narrowly defined group of potential customers.  Let me be really clear about this – Niche is not about you.  It’s not about your product or your genre.  It’s about them, your customers/clients/fans.  It’s about […]

Transform Your Belief – The Key To Success

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Just as strong muscles help you win a ball game, strong positive beliefs boost your energy and confidence, create opportunities, attract powerful partners, clear obstacles from your path, and propel you effortlessly into action and results. And just like muscles, you need to build and strengthen those beliefs – by using them.

Venues and Artists – A Complex Relationship

Last week, an interesting conversation erupted on a music list-serve that I participate in. I think there is much to be learned from this both by the Venue Owners/Bookers and the Performing Artists who depend on those bookers for their gigs. I have removed all of the names/locations because the real issues here are applicable across locations, genre and venue size. If you are a performing artist looking to book gigs – I strongly recommend you read on – don’t make these mistakes yourself! And if you are a venue owner or booker – you may also find this informative.