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How to Move Past Your Fear of Success or Failure

Artists MBA, Professional Program

Do you feel confronted by the specter of fear or success? When you start to take action to move your career forward, does it feel like you’re pushing against a wall? Or does that wall stop you dead in your tracks? This question comes up often, “How to I move past my fear of success […]

Overcoming Fear

Artists MBA, Professional Program

Fear is an emotion. Courage is a skill. We will show you ways to develop the skill of courage in response to the emotion of fear … so you can move forward and achieve your desired level of success.

Transform Your Inner Critic into Your Staunchest Ally

Artists MBA, Professional Program

Are you plagued by internal doubts and self-criticism? Think you’re not good enough, or don’t deserve the success you long for? Do you find that even when you know what to do, you find all sorts of reasons not to do it? We all carry an internal critic in our heads, and it never shuts […]


Artists MBA, Professional Program

Believing that confidence is something that you have, something you can get, something someone else can give you – that is a misunderstanding. Confidence is defined as: a feeling or consciousness of one’s powers. If you believe in your own power and ability, you will FEEL confident. Confidence is an emotion. It is an emotion […]

Transform Your Belief – The Key To Success

music business, Artist manager

Just as strong muscles help you win a ball game, strong positive beliefs boost your energy and confidence, create opportunities, attract powerful partners, clear obstacles from your path, and propel you effortlessly into action and results. And just like muscles, you need to build and strengthen those beliefs – by using them.

Unblock Your Creativity

Artists MBA, Professional Program

As professionals in the field of creativity, we rely on accessing our creativity to create success. That creativity needs to be engaged, not just in creating your product, but also in your marketing, your systems, every aspect of your business. But our creativity can be like a sensitive child. And it can shut down for […]

An Act of Willpower – the Process of Perseverance

Artists MBA, Professional Program

The skill of applying your will to your choices consistently is critical to making your systems work (including, time management, organization, marketing) and creating consistent and sustainable success. Start developing your will power today!

How to Use Feedback and Criticism Constructively

Artists MBA, Professional Program

The most successful artists (and people) have made an art of receiving and implementing feedback. But for the rest of us, feedback can be really hard to hear. It can be painful. It can trigger all of our negative beliefs both about our own worth and about the probability of our success.

100% Ownership – The First Key to Leadership

Artists MBA, Foundation Program

this class delves into the first foundation of Leadership – taking responsibility for your outcomes – all of them. Blaming others, or even ourselves, for unwanted and undesirable outcomes is a way of life in our society. What you may not realize is the tremendous loss this way of thinking creates – loss of self-esteem, loss of empowerment, loss of courage, loss of your dreams and your vision. If any of these issues are a concern for you – this class is essential to your success.