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Frequently Asked Questions about Coaching

Is there something that you want in your life but you just can’t seem to make yourself do what needs to be done?

Do you find you never have the time for what is really important?

Are you working your hardest and doing what you see to do, but still not quite getting where you want to be?

Or are you very successful in one area of your life and you want to shift your focus to become successful in another area to create more balance?

Are you successful in your life, but want to raise the bar and get to the next level?

Working with a coach can assist you to take the actions that will create momentum – momentum that can carry you farther and faster than you ever dreamed of. A coach can help you determine which actions are the right actions to take and support you in taking them. A coach can help you prioritize and create balance in your life. A coach is your partner for having your dreams come true.

A Certified Coach is a coach that has been trained and judged effective by her peers through a rigorous process.   A Coach can specialize in specific areas (e.g. a business coach who focuses on your business, a career coach who will coach strictly on career or a relationship coach who focuses exclusively on relationship issues) or be more of a general practitioner often referred to as a Life Coach.

Many people call themselves “Coaches” and call their services “Coaching”, but more often than not, if they haven’t been trained and certified, what you’re really receiving is consulting.

  • A coach plays many roles in her work with clients.
  • A coach is a mentor – someone who believes in you and helps you create a big vision with exciting and inspiring goals;
  • A manager – someone who assists you to form a manageable plan of action with accountability to move you toward your goals;
  • A personal trainer – someone who trains you to create a structure, keeps you on the path to your goal and has you stretch a little bit more each week to build your strength and expand your reach;
  • And a sports coach – someone who gives you feedback and insight that expands your thinking and improves your game.

I am certified as both a business and personal coach and can work on goals in any area of your life.  Some of those areas could be

  • Career and Work,
  • Finances,
  • Quality of Life and Life Skills (including time management, finances and space organization),
  • Relationships,
  • Health and Wellness,
  • Personal Growth or Emotional Intelligence.

While a coach may deal with some of the same issues as a therapist – relationships, confidence, etc. – the approach to these issues is completely different.

A therapist approaches an issue by exploring the sources of the problems and how they affect your life. A coach focuses on an issue by exploring solutions: ” How can you achieve the goals you have set in that area?”

When an obstacle surfaces in your pursuit of a goal a therapist might ask, “When was the first time you had this experience?” A coach might ask, “What are some ways you can get past this obstacle?” or “What is a different way that you can think about this experience? How can we use that to help you move forward?”

A consultant is generally someone who has specific experience in a particular field. Based on that experience, a consultant is hired to look at a situation and offer specific solutions or programs for you. Then, generally, you are on your own to implement the solution.

Usually a consultant has a lot of personal experience in a particular industry and is able to give suggestions based on that experience. However, consultants are rarely trained as coaches.

These days many people call themselves coaches, but without training in the specific skill set of coaching, they are acting as consultants.

A coach is your partner. Together we explore and discover the ways to get you to your goals. Together we decide the actions for this week and together we discover the learning from the last week and use that to move you closer to your goal.

A consultant provides answers. A coach offers questions, explores the possible options and discovers the answers with you. A coach is with you on your journey to your goals and dreams.

You may go to a consultant to create a program and then hire a coach to support you in implementing that program.

Since many consultants are now calling themselves coaches – how do you tell the difference? Do they stay with you through the process? Do they help you to eliminate the blocks that stop you from moving forward? And most importantly, have they been trained and certified as a coach? If the answer is no, that person is a consultant, not a coach.

In order to achieve the goals you will set in coaching, you may have to do things differently. Doing things differently can feel uncomfortable, it can feel challenging. In fact, a primary role of the coach is to challenge you and to stretch you out of your comfort zone.

Coaching also requires a serious commitment of time, energy, and resources. You are committing to the coaching sessions with your coach and to taking specific and possibly time-consuming actions in the weeks between your sessions to forward your momentum toward your goals.

Working with a coach is also rewarding and fun, taking on new challenges, achieving things you never dreamed were possible. And you aren’t doing it alone – you have a partner to bounce ideas off, to ask for support, to cheer you when you win and hold the vision for you when times are dark.

On average my clients report levels of achievement and satisfaction above 90% after completing a minimum of six months.

The results you will experience from coaching will depend greatly on you, on your time and effort, on your commitment, and on your willingness to try new ways of thinking and new ways of doing things.

(This does not constitute a guarantee of your results. Individual results will vary.)