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7 Lessons from American Idol – Top 16 Results

In the writing of this blog series – I will not be commenting on who stays and who is voted off, no matter how tempted I may be. My purpose in writing this blog is to help you in your serious pursuit of success doing what you love.

Taylor Swift – Is Her Career Over?

I wrote this to Bob Lefsetz in response to his rallying cry for Taylor Swift and against the almost universal online and mainstream media bashing.

Debra Recommends Session Singing In Hollywood

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Kick-start your Music career the right way with Session Singing in Hollywood.The information in this e-book is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars of potential income in the music business! This e-book is a gold mine of information.

Debra Recommends Songwriting with Jason Blume

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Fellow TAXI Drivers Ed Faculty -I often talk about getting feedback from qualified experts – and Jason certainly is that! Songwriting tutor and cross-genre hit maker Jason Blume recently celebrated ten years of BMI-sponsored workshops and seminars. Since the BMI Songwriters’ Workshop inception in 1997, Blume has mentored more than 6,000 aspiring songwriters from at […]

Debra Recommends Songwriting with Steve Seskin

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I’ve known Steve Seskin for several years as we are both speakers on the Music Conference circuit.  Steve is renowned as one of the best songwriting craftsman around and you can learn tons about the art and craft of songwriting from him.  He can teach you how to make your songs good and then how […]

Debra Recommends Music XRay

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I have recently been listed as an expert – under career coaching for Music Xray. Music Xray is a resource for both musicians, composers and the buyers of music to connect in a professional and transparent environment.  Music industry professionals use Music Xray as the preferred, direct and transparent method for interacting with artists. Music […]

Debra Recommends Concerts in Your Home

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Fran Snyder has created a great resource for musicians who are looking to perform in house concert venues as well as home-owners who are interested in creating wonderful events in their homes.