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7 Secrets to Get Booked on Corporate Stages with Tiamo De Vettori

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At the Artists Marketing & Business Academy, we’re all about making a prosperous and sustainable living doing what you love. Are you sick and tired of playing small gigs that pay you next to nothing for your musical talent? What if you could play on huge stages in front of hundreds, if not thousands of […]

Niche Marketing – How Thinking Small Can Payoff Big

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What is a Niche, really? And why is everybody talking about Niche Marketing? Many business owners are afraid to define their niche on the mistaken premise that they will lose business as a result. The truth is just the opposite. Designing your marketing around a Niche can enable you to have a major impact on […]

Niche Marketing – How Thinking Small Can Payoff BIG!

What is a Niche, really?  And why is everybody talking about Niche Marketing?  According to About.com a Niche Market is a narrowly defined group of potential customers.  Let me be really clear about this – Niche is not about you.  It’s not about your product or your genre.  It’s about them, your customers/clients/fans.  It’s about […]

How to Integrate Social Media into Your Multiple Streams Business

Artists MBA, Professional Program

With Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Reverbnation, My Space, Youtube and on and on), you have an unprecedented opportunity to connect with, interact with and deepen your relationship with your fans, clients and customers – FOR FREE!

For every artist who is taking great advantage of these tools, there are hundreds of you who are using them poorly, quitting after a few weeks, or even avoiding them all together. And I say, what a wasted opportunity!

Social Media Do’s and Don’ts

Just read a great blog post with an overview of Do’s and Don’ts in the Social Media world. The How To’s of Social Media (Resource no longer available) By Talia DeVault Having just returned from a Bay Area Women in Film event on “Utilizing Social Media,” I felt compelled to share the knowledge of the creative […]

Debra Recommends Concerts in Your Home

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Fran Snyder has created a great resource for musicians who are looking to perform in house concert venues as well as home-owners who are interested in creating wonderful events in their homes.

Debra Recommends Ning – Create Your Social Network

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Ning.com is a very cool thing!  Ning lets you create your own social network and/or join others. Based in Palo Alto, Calif., Ning offers an easy-to-use technology platform enabling you to create and join Ning Networks for your interests and passions. With over 1.3 million Ning social networks created and more than 30 million registered […]

Debra Recommends ifanz

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ifanz is a very cool resource originally developed for musicians, but really applicable for creative professionals in all walks of life who are building their career by building their relationship with their fans.  More than just a database and newsletter management tool, it also offers one-stop shopping for many of the needs of the small […]