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Fear of Success or Fear of Failure?

What’s stopping you?  Do you know? What blocks you from pursuing your dreams with all that you have, all that you are, all of your might? Often when asked this question, the answer is either: Fear of Success or Fear of Failure   And often it’s even expressed as both – “Maybe it’s fear of […]

Overcoming Fear

Artists MBA, Professional Program

Fear is an emotion. Courage is a skill. We will show you ways to develop the skill of courage in response to the emotion of fear … so you can move forward and achieve your desired level of success.


Suppose that what you fear could be trapped and held in Paris. Then you would have the courage to go everywhere in the world. All the directions of the compass open to you, except the degrees east or west of true north that lead to Paris. Still, you wouldn’t dare put your toes smack dab […]

Some Fun Alternative Definitions of FEAR

False Evidence Appearing Real – the canonical one False Emotions Appearing Real Future Events Appear Real False Expectations about Reality Finding Excuses and Reasons For Everything A Reason F*%# Everything and Run Failure Expected and Received Fighting Ego against Reality Frantic Effort to Appear Real Federal Employee Antidiscrimination and Retaliation Act of 2002 A positive […]

How to Maintain Consistent Growth and Development

Have you ever pushed yourself out of your comfort zone?  You know, created something really different, taken a risk that felt scary and hard, pushed through a tough learning curve, talked to someone who totally intimidated you? And after that push – did you feel the almost irresistible urge to pull back to your safety […]

The Shy Singer an Interview with Vikki Flawith

Debra was thrilled to interview singer/songwriter Vikki Flawith, former Artist’s EDGE Member, Champion of the Creatively Introverted & Socially Terrified, opera-howling Blogger, procrastinating Painter, housework-hating Vocalist, power-napping Composer and Aquarian Cyber-Geek. Vikki is a well-respected vocal teacher. And she has signed multi-track deals with several music publishers.