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Transform Your Belief – The Key To Success

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Just as strong muscles help you win a ball game, strong positive beliefs boost your energy and confidence, create opportunities, attract powerful partners, clear obstacles from your path, and propel you effortlessly into action and results. And just like muscles, you need to build and strengthen those beliefs – by using them.

An Act of Willpower – the Process of Perseverance

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The skill of applying your will to your choices consistently is critical to making your systems work (including, time management, organization, marketing) and creating consistent and sustainable success. Start developing your will power today!

2 Lessons from American Idol – Top 12

The format of American Idol requires artists to create cover versions of other people’s music. This is only slightly artificial as many independent artists perform songs written by someone else. And so, the ability to take a song written by someone else and make it your own is a critical skill for your success in the music industry.

The Shy Singer an Interview with Vikki Flawith

Debra was thrilled to interview singer/songwriter Vikki Flawith, former Artist’s EDGE Member, Champion of the Creatively Introverted & Socially Terrified, opera-howling Blogger, procrastinating Painter, housework-hating Vocalist, power-napping Composer and Aquarian Cyber-Geek. Vikki is a well-respected vocal teacher. And she has signed multi-track deals with several music publishers.

Creator’s Block

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Whether you are writing words, writing songs, painting, taking photographs, sculpting, designing jewelry or in any way creating on a regular basis, creator’s block can happen. So, in this month’s newsletter, I’m going to look at creator’s block, give you an overview of possible causes (which I’ll be writing more about in my blog) and a technique to help you break through your block.