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We believe in providing you with everything you need to be a successful affiliate. Here you will find resources and tools for promoting our affiliate programs. Some of these tools are still in development. So if there’s anything you want or need in the way of affiliate resources, please email me.

How it works:

You recommend Artist’s EDGE products or Artists Marketing & Business Academy using your affiliate link and when a sale is made you earn a commission. Simple as that!

There are many ways you can promote as an affiliate and it usually works better when you are promoting a product or service you truly believe in to people you truly have a relationship with.

There are two ways you can earn money with the Artist’s EDGE affiliate program:

#1 – Promote Artist’s EDGE Products: Currently there are CD’s and ebooks that you can promote. You can also promote the free e-course. No matter where or how your referral enters our system, when they make a purchase – you get paid!

#2 – Promote Artist’s EDGE Services: The Artists Marketing & Business Academy (ArtistsMBA), a monthly subscription service, will pay you 25% for every month your referral participates in the program! With the exception of the ArtistsMBA Mastery Lab – which pays 10%.

At this time I am not paying affiliate fees for private clients – however, I do have a referral gratitude program which gives you Coaching Bucks that you can use for yourself or gift to another. Click here for more information on the Private Coaching Referral Gratitude Program

See a complete list of affiliate commissions.

Who Would Benefit

Most of our products are geared towards professionals in the Arts & Entertainment Industry, such as the Music Business, Film and TV Industry, Visual Arts Business including photography and sculpture, and writers.  And not just the creative side but the business side of these industries as well, could benefit from Artist’s EDGE products and services. However, business is business is business, and I’ve had success with clients from many different industries and walks of life.

How You Get Paid:

When you sign up as an affiliate our affiliate system will track anyone who comes through your links by using a ‘cookie’. If that person comes back and makes a purchase you will be credited for the sale.

Affiliates are paid quarterly on the 15th of the month.

If you know for certain that one of your referrals has purchased from me, let me know and I’ll happily adjust their account so you receive your bonuses.

Sign ME Up!

It costs you nothing to sign up. We pay via PayPal so you will need a PayPal account but they’re also free and easy to obtain.
You can sign up here:
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You will receive your affiliate link when you sign up. It will look something like this:

When getting links for any of the promotional resources make sure to always replace the XXXXXX with your affiliate number (this is the number you were given upon signup). But if you get the link from the Affiliate system, they’ll already be built with your affiliate number. So, that’s easiest!

Make sure you give your affiliate link to the people you refer, so that you get credit.

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