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Multiple Streams Step 3: Find Solutions

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In steps 1 and 2 of the Multiple Streams business model, you’ve chosen your niche and discovered their problems, needs and desires, as well as the language they particularly use to describe those things. Now that you know their problems, the next step is to explore how you are the perfect and best solution to those problems. How do you uniquely fulfill their needs and desires? And, perhaps, most importantly, how do you use their language to express your value to them?

The Internet Marketing Expert – an Interview with Patrick Schwerdtfeger

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Having seen Patrick speak, I’m absolutely thrilled to have him join us and teach us about Step 5 – Generating Traffic:

Over 98% of websites get fewer than 5 visitors each day and a fantastic website without traffic does nothing to build your business. Attracting high-quality website visitors doesn’t have to cost a fortune. With some time and a little direction, you can accumulate strategic one-way inbound links and watch the targeted traffic pour in! This presentation will show you how.