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Multiple Streams Step 1: Niche Picking

Artists MBA, Professional Program

Designing your marketing around a Niche can enable you to have a major impact on a small budget. Since most Artists are working with a limited to non-existent marketing budget – Niche Marketing can give you a tremendous advantage over your competition.

Booking Strategies, An Interview with Jeri Goldstein

This month we interview Jeri Goldstein, author of How to Be Your Own Booking Agent: The Musician’s & Performing Artist’s Guide to Successful Touring. In the call, Jeri will help to make the dreaded task of promoting yourself easier, less stressful, and more productive, for musicians and non-musicians alike.

Creating Your Niche – A Conversation with Nancy Moran

niche marketing, business, sales

Everybody says you have to have a niche. But how do you create a unique and profitable niche that suits you? In this month’s Interview with an Expert, we’ll be interviewing successful performer Nancy Moran. We are talking with Nancy about niche marketing – one of her favorite topics. We’ll examine some real-life case studies […]