Rising Star Systems

7-CD Set by Christopher Howard

Are you ready… right now, to live the life of your dreams? Isn’t it time you achieved Your Personal Breakthrough? Begin a journey that will unblock your own inner wisdom and strength. In 7 days you can expect to:

  • Blast through inconsistencies and blocks in your performance
  • Eliminate overwhelm, procrastination and self-sabotage
  • Define and realize your goals much faster than ever before
  • Take charge of your focus and expect more out of life
  • Create lasting results by removing the barriers that hold you back
  • Understand and re-organize your approach to life
  • Become unstoppable as you breakthrough to long-term success

Sounds incredible doesn’t it? To achieve these results, you will need to set aside some time every day to listen to the CDs and follow the directions. That’s it, just follow the directions.

7-CD Set: $49

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