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Let me … give you a brief go-over. At the time I met Debra, I was working 12-14 hours a day on music production, writing, engineering, producing, going to conferences, designing websites, writing newsletters, etc. I worked until I felt sick, I worked until my eyes were going bad but nothing really changed. I was getting nowhere fast. I began consulting with Debra twice a month, I believe. We started very structured. I created excel sheets and tracked every bit of time I spent on activities. We began breaking activities out, was it marketing? was it creative? was it production? was it budget? Debra also had me work intensively on goals, internalizing goals and breaking them into doable chunks. What became obvious over time is that I was spending 90% of my time on the least important aspects of my business. I had no balance. Through work and feedback with Debra I was able to work less, accomplish more and most importantly to set up systems that I didn’t have to reinvent over and over the way I was doing before when I problem solved.

A second major block presented itself. My introversion and overwhelming feelings of guilt and shame made it extremely difficult to network and build a successful business. I was unassertive, apologetic and unwilling to really pitch my skills or my work. Debra did one NLP/hypnosis session using some fairly modern psychological techniques (I’ve since researched them) and it was like someone turning a switch. I ceased to feel guilty, I no longer felt the need to be apologetic about my craft.

To make a long story short. As of this moment, I have 20 songs signed to publishers and libraries. I have produced other artists and I facilitate a monthly songwriters group at a local studio where I give feedback and encouragement to other artists and songwriters. I’m also in a graduate program at Pepperdine University for licensing in MFT (psychology) and lead a men’s support group for Alzheimer’s patients. I continue to use Debra’s techniques, I continue to manage our finances with the tools she gave me. Essentially she helped change my relationship to business, money, success and other people.
Jon Sorensen

‘When I began working with Debra, I was in the dark with regard to our finances.  I had dreams of going to France, but never thought we could afford it.  All I knew was that our credit card debt was growing and I didn’t know what to do about it!  Debra enabled me to gain solid control over my finances. With systems in place, we’re paying off our debt and saving for the things we want.  And no more money drama!  Gone is my anxiety over money.  I thought a budget meant deprivation!  Instead I discovered tremendous relief, power and freedom.  And I’m going to France without creating more debt!  A big thanks to Debra for helping me to replace my head-in-the-sand money habits with easy, practical and sensible routines.  And I’m teaching my children healthy money management so they grow up with the same power and freedom.”
Cynthia Lait

“The artistic path can get overwhelmingly complicated, and the issues we encounter often feel unique and therefore isolating. Debra is a great listener. She helps you take a deep breath and start to see solutions rather than just problems. She emphasizes that we create what we focus on and got me envisioning a healthier professional team from the first few minutes of our conversation. It was a liberating experience and helped me gain the courage needed to make some important changes. I’d recommend Debra to any artist trying to untangle the threads of the professional and personal lives.”
David Berkeley, Singer-Songwriter

Working with Debra has been more than important for my music — it’s been essential. Having just completed production of my first solo CD, “Lucky,” I see now that our work together is directly responsible for my having made a top-drawer recording that matches the vision I’d been carrying around in my head for a year. The tools Debra gave me provoked me into doing my absolute best work and surrounding myself with the players and engineers who would do the same. Had I not been working with Debra, I’m quite certain I would have settled for a good deal less — from myself and others. Debra helps me “rise to the occasion,” and I believe in the value of this process completely.
Jean Synodinos, Singer-Songwriter

I would like to thank Debra Russell for being my coach.  I set 3 very lofty goals and all of them were achieved to my satisfaction.  One of my biggest struggles is with time management as a way of developing a balanced lifestyle — through Debra’s guidance, recommended activities, and reading/resources I have been able to develop a system that works for me rather than against me.  Additionally, I went from not understanding how to start a business to creating a business plan and identifying expert mentors to aid in my business designs.  Without Debra, I would still be floundering in my unemployed and undirected state rather than making progress toward the goals that are based upon my values.
Roy Rasera, Owner – Second Sunset, Photographer, Musician, Coach

“As a business, personal and life coach all in one, Debra has helped and guided me to reach three challenging goals that we established together during our first session. Her vision and intuitive powers along with her creativity, energy and patience, made me feel safe to explore all avenues and to move forward during the difficult times. Debra’s diligence, understanding and non-judgmental approach are welcomed attributes. Her well-rounded background, intelligence and varied experience enable her to problem solve in our complex world. I highly recommend her services to anyone who wants to improve their lives in any manner. I have signed up for my next session with Debra with eager enthusiasm.”
Laraine Schwartz, Esq.

I have really been left with a glow from our work together. I am stepping into a bigger self and into magic and miracles. It is taking something – my pettiness and humanity are wrestling with me constantly it seems, but I really feel that this is the most beautiful place to be and I feel so joyful and blessed with my life. I love who I am being and where I am. Thank you for your part in this, which was huge. What you did for me around boundaries was so powerful and a completely new way of being for me that is the opening for the power I always wanted. So know what you have provided in the world and know that you made a difference in how the rest of my life will go and what I will in turn be able to provide for the world.
Risa Schulman

“Working with Debra Russell has been an absolutely incredible experience. Debra is a great listener and a powerful motivator. She has the wonderful talent of getting you to stretch your boundaries, to expand beyond your limits, to get you to become comfortable with the uncomfortable areas or weaknesses in your life and/or career. She has truly taught me how to look at myself from all angles, revealing sometimes the things you may not initially like of yourself, and to be able to embrace and learn from those discoveries. I look forward to working with Debra for many years to come.”
Steven Kelly, drummer

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