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The Artists Marketing & Business Academy is organized in learning tracks, each focusing on an area vital to your success. With “podcast” style classes specifically designed for the creative mindset, I give you real world, practical knowledge about how to run your business while staying true to your values. Feel free to click through and read about each Track and the curriculum or download the most recent Course Catalog:

Track 1 – See Your Future: Create Your Business Vision, Goals and the Plan
Track 2 – Believe & Receive: Confidence, Perseverance, Courage and the Law of Attraction
Track 3 – Nuts & Bolts: Business Fundamentals

Track 4 – Be Seen: Promotion, Marketing & Sales

Track 5 – Be the Captain of Your Career: Artist as Entrepreneur, Leader, Business Owner

Click here for more information and to register for the Artists Marketing & Business Academy

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