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2 More Reasons You Fail to Achieve Your Goals

I came across a great blog post at dumblittleman.com, entitled – 4 Reasons You Fail to Achieve Your Goals.  And I’d like to add two more:

5.  Lack of will.

In the Success Principles, Jack Canfield talks about fears, considerations and obstacles – when you set a great goal, you will always encounter these three things.  I believe many people don’t achieve their goals, because they are unwilling to confront their fears, considerations and obstacles.

In essence, a lack of will.  Will is defined (thanks to Dictionary.com) as:

the act or process of using or asserting one’s choice; volition

So often in my conversations with people do I hear the words, “It would be nice…” or “I wish…”  In order to achieve your goals – you must replace the verbs “would be” and “wish” with will:

It will be nice….

I will….

The first step after choosing a goal is to apply your will.  It is an act of volition, an act of choice – which leads me to my 6th reason you fail to achieve your goals:

6.  A lack of ownership.

Not only are these MY goals.  But these are also MY fears, MY considerations and MY obstacles (even the external obstacles are mine).

If you have the will and are willing to take responsibility for your results, then you will get your goals.

How do you create the will?  Say that you do: “I have the will.”  In other words choose it.  How do you take responsibility? I own my results – I choose them.

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