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WordPress Websites for Musicians – An Interview with Middle Tennessee Music

Small Barn Sound, Middle Tennessee Music

I’ve been saying it for years, MySpace, Facebook, ReverbNation – I don’t care – If you are (or want to be) a Professional Musician or financially sustainable Band: YOU MUST HAVE YOUR OWN WEBSITE! Thanks to platforms like WordPress, building your own website or hiring someone to build it for you no longer has to […]

How to Manage Your Marketing – The Contact Management System

Artists MBA, Professional Program

Marketing is creating an environment in which people feel comfortable enough to buy from you,  over and over again. Sounds like a great idea, right? But what exactly does that mean in terms of day to day actions?  And how do you systematize creating that environment? Does this sound familiar? You’ve got a pile of […]

Social Media – The Art of Engagement

Artists MBA, Foundation Program

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube – OH MY! Social Media is everywhere and it’s clear that there are some Artists and business owners in the Arts & Entertainment Industry (including the Music Business, Film Industry and Publishing) who are using it to build real world success.  But there are a lot of people who are overwhelmed […]

Multiple Streams Step 8: BOP Positioning

Artists MBA, Professional Program

The final step of the Multiple Streams of Art / Music Income process, establishing your BOP (Bold, Outrageous, Provocative) Positioning, is bigger than your Branding, or your USP (Unique Selling Proposition). Your BOP Position is about who you are and what you stand for as an artist, as a business and as a human being. […]

Marketing 101

Artists MBA, Foundation Program

Marketing is fundamental to your success. If you’re out to make a prosperous living doing what you love, it just won’t happen without marketing. Yet few artists spend much time learning this foundational set of skills.

How to Embrace Your Unique Voice as an Artist

Artists MBA, Professional Program

As children we are taught, by our parents, our teachers, our siblings and our peers, that in order to be loved, we must blend in. We must conform our uniqueness to be “appropriate”. And its an important skill to have – to know society’s rules and be able to act accordingly with volition. But as […]

Facebook Promotion Etiquette

In the last week, 2 people have gone onto my Facebook Pages – Debra Russell and Artists Marketing & Business Academy – and posted that I should check out their Facebook Page or ReverbNation Page. And my first reaction was – wow, that’s rude.

Multiple Streams Step 7: Strengthen Relationships

Artists MBA, Professional Program

All the principles you’ve put into practice and hard work that you’ve done in the previous steps come together in this 7th Step of the Multiple Streams of Income business model. Your pink spoon and product funnel draw them deeper into relationship with you. The research you’ve done on your niche, their language and preferences […]

Multiple Streams Step 6: Convert Prospects

Artists MBA, Professional Program

A lot of marketing and sales programs talk about how to Drive Traffic – and we cover that critical area in Step 5.  But if all you do is get people to “Like” your Fan Page or even sign up on your email list – you will not succeed. The key to success in your […]

An Open Letter to LunarPages

or Why I Recommend Against Using LunarPages to Host Your Website The last 2 months have been a virtual hell for me (pun completely intended).  Sometime in the middle of May, I started noticing real problems with my website.  I was in the midst of doing a lot of content creation and tweeking to the […]