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Motivation and Momentum-The Missing Keys to Successful Time Management

What is Motivation?

It is what drives your behavior.  And according to the experts in the sciences of neurology and behavior – 95% of what drives our behavior as human beings is unconscious!  As an actress and director, I studied motivation in my characters – what desires drive my character to act as she does and what conflicting desire drives her to sabotage herself?  That understanding allowed me to create believable characters .

But how can we possibly hope to influence our behavior consciously and intentionally in the real world?

Most people try harder and push themselves.  They beat themselves with self-recrimination, blame, and shame.  And it becomes like Sisyphus pushing his boulder up the hill, only to have it roll back down.  The hopelessness of your efforts can destroy any motivation or momentum you’ve managed to create.  And the amount of energy it takes will eventually burn you out.

From a Law of Attraction standpoint, it is the desire for what you want that both draws you forward (motivation) and draws your desires into your life (serendipity or luck).

It is much more energetically and ecologically sound to draw yourself forward by creating a powerful and inviting vision of what you desire, using your passion to create movement, than it is to push, manipulate and punish yourself into action.

And remember, the basic tenet of the Law of Attraction is that you get what you focus on.  If you are focused on how you are struggling and not doing what you “should” and the lack of what you desire – you are creating more of that lack..

Bottom line – focusing on a specific and juicy vision of what you desire to create will clear the obstacles, and increase your motivation and energy to take the actions that will manifest your vision.

Once you’re clear about what you want (your vision) and you are moving forward towards it,

How do you Maintain your Momentum?

You need to understand how and why you are stopping yourself.  And yes,

YOU are stopping YOU!

Momentum doesn’t come from magic fairy dust.  It comes from within you.

In my experience, the most common destroyer of momentum is fear and the desire to control your speed (and thereby reduce your feeling of fear).  So, notice what you are doing to slow yourself down.  Get wise to yourself.  Because once you are conscious about what you’re doing and what’s motivating that behavior – you have the power to choose differently.

So, once you understand what’s motivating you and you’re working on that, how do you create momentum?  It’s basic physics.  According to Newton’s Laws of Motion – a body that is still, through inertia will stay still.  A body in motion will tend to stay in motion.  So, to create momentum you must get into action.  Even one small baby step can create the shift in energy that will enable you to move solidly towards your goals.

And be willing to be uncomfortable.  That discomfort is evidence that you’re changing your reality – and isn’t that what you want?



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