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Debra Recommends Daylite – More than CRM for Mac

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So, first let me say – I am not a Mac user.  However, I have a lot of clients who are, and so I have been looking for a CRM solution for my Mac clients.  One of my clients brought me this product and he is thrilled with it.  So, I wanted to pass it on to you.

Here’s what Amazon says:

Product Description

Designed for the unique needs of Mac-based businesses of 1-50 people, Daylite3 is a new generation of productivity management software. Daylite 3’s time-saving features include shared calendars, seamless integration with Apple Mail, project and activity delegation, multiple pipeline views, a built-in report writer, sophisticated offline and sync capabilities, and a clean, easy-to-use interface. Daylite 3 is a milestone achievement for the Mac community, directly addressing the day-to-day productivity needs of Mac users. Daylite 3, with its many new features and upgraded Daylite Mail Integration (DMI) module, provides Mac users and Mac-based businesses with the tools they need for command-and-control business productivity.

What my client says is that, while there is a learning curve and it is significant.  This program solves so many time management and project management and contact management problems that it’s worth the learning curve.  From my viewpoint, I’ve seen him get much more productive and much calmer.  And isn’t that the point of productivity tools?

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  1. Can I just say that I’ve found Daylite absolutely brilliant as a tool for managing gig bookings, and contrary to what your other client said, I didn’t find the learning curve at all steep — it seemed quite straightforward and intuitive … but maybe that’s just me!

    I use Daylite first of all during the initial contact phase, setting up reminders for follow-up calls and emails etc; then once a firm offer is in place, I use Daylite to automatically generate a “Gig Confirmation” email that I have set up as a template, with the relevant names, addresses, phone numbers etc all filled in automatically from that venue’s fields on the database.

    When the confirmation comes back, I create a Project for that venue, again within Daylite, using the gig date and venue name as a naming convention (e.g. “10/02/22 Club Passim” for a gig at Club Passim on 22nd Feb 2010), and as soon as the Project is created, Daylite automatically generates a Form that I fill in with details from the confirmation (soundcheck time, posters/flyers required, etc etc); it also generates an “Activity Set” that creates task reminders to send posters 90 days beforehand, send a PR reminder 60 days beforehand, confirm accommodation details 30 days beforehand, and so forth. All that happens automatically, which as with your other client serves to hugely reduce my stress levels! I play about 100 gigs a year and couldn’t manage without Daylite.

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