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Planning for the New Year – Part Six

Every year, I take some personal time to assess, adjust, write new goals for the New Year and make a plan for achieving those goals. I’d like to share part of this process with you – and encourage you to use it for yourself to create a powerful, prosperous and joyful 2011. I hope you will find this peek into my process helpful.

In this sixth post, I’m continuing the first section of my process which comes from Brendon Burchard, author of Life’s Golden Ticket. This series of questions helps me to look at the year past as well as clarify what I want for the coming year. I’ll be answering them over the next several blog posts.

Envisioning 2011: Move Forward

The three feelings I’m going to focus on feeling consistently each day in 2011 are …

  • Confident
  • Determined
  • Curious

The three skills I’m going to have to develop to accomplish my dreams in 2011 are…

  • Audio and video recording for products and the web – I thinking of using Camtasia
  • Using Facebook for marketing
  • Self-publishing, ebook publishing, publishing on Amazon, etc.

My strategies for developing each of these skills is to start…

  • Book time in my time map for studying
  • Find experts to study with and mentor me
  • Practice, practice, practice

The one person I’m going to have to stand up to in 2011 to achieve my dream life is …

I don’t really feel like I have a person in my life that I have to stand up to.  I don’t have a boss or anything like that. I don’t have bullies in my life (at least not for long).

But I think where I need to be careful of setting boundaries and protecting my time around will be around the needs of my Mom and Dad. Walking the fine line between being available and support of them, that is the reason I moved across country, after all.  And balancing that with my personal needs and and goals around my health, fitness, social and dating life.  Balancing that with my ambitions and goals and the time and energy those require.

Huh, so perhaps the person I’m going to have to stand up to is the same person I’m going to have to stand up for – ME!

The top 3 things I want to achieve in 2011 and the dates I will accomplish them by are …

  • Complete and publish Multiple Streams of Music Income Self-Study Program by April 1, 2011.  The first chapter will be completed by January 31, 2011
  • Complete and publish Business Management for the Creative Mind (working title) by June 1, 2011
  • Launch Business and Personal Coaching for Athletes (working title) by June 1, 2011

The two biggest obstacles I’ll face in 2011 are …

  1. Managing/balancing the needs of my parents with my own needs personally and professionally
  2. My own fears and/or resistance.

The way I’ll handle each of these obstacles is to …

For the first, I am building a strong time management system that will help to serve both my needs and theirs.  I’ve set up an office outside of the home, so I can just go to work each day.  I’ve already begun to manage expectations around my availability.  And ongoing, I will be looking for concrete ways to contributed as well as experimenting to find the best schedule for everyone.

For the second, having the first piece in place will help because I’ll be building in structure for my own growth.  But the most important part of overcoming these inner obstacles is to be aware of them.  When I see the fear, I can move through it.  When I feel the resistance, I can ask the questions that get underneath that resistance and release it.  The danger is unconsciousness.  As long as I stay awake and aware, these emotions are just that, emotions.  When I stop listening to my own inner voice, when I get wrapped up and stuck, that’s when the emotions act as obstacles.





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