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Copyright and Trademark Basics an Interview with Jeff Fabian

artists-marketing-business-academy-interview-with-expertsTrademark and copyright protection are fundamental components of a sound business strategy for all artists and professionals in the Music Business, Visual Arts or Film and Television Industry. But do we have to be lawyers to understand the basics? Jeff Fabian says “NO!” and he is going to going to prove it to us in this month’s Interview with an Expert!


In this class you will learn:

  • The difference between Copyright and Trademark and how it pertains to you as an Artist
  • How to protect your rights as an Artist
  • How to avoid costly errors when using other people’s intellectual property (e.g. covering a song)

Protecting your work and your brand identity is critically important to your success.

Additional Resources for this Interview:

Listen to the Interview:

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Read the Interview Transcript

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(Transcript coming soon)
Download the full transcript of Copyright and Trademark Basics an Interview with Jeff Fabian

Jeff Fabian

Jeff Fabian is the owner of Fabian, LLC, a boutique law firm that assists musicians, creative industry professionals and entrepreneurs in trademark, copyright and contract matters. His experience includes copyright registration maintenance and licensing, trademark protection and enforcement, and contract drafting and negotiation for record deals, music licensing agreements, online music distribution, and more. Visit fabianwrites.com for more information, or follow Jeff on Twitter: @fabianwrites.

2 Responses

  1. During the end of the session, I was asked about whether international copyright registrations protect works being distributed within the United States, and the recording cut off before I was able to complete my answer. 

    The answer (as with most legal issues) is, “it depends.” Some countries have treaties with the U.S. that recognize certain reciprocal copyrights, but not all of them do, and the reciprocal rights can vary depending on individual circumstances. The resources below from the Copyright Office’s website and Cornell University provide some good, practical information on international copyright issues:


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