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Debra Recommends Folk Venue List Serve

A list serve for folk venue promoters – primarily a place for them to discuss amongst themselves the issues that they face as venues.

This is NOT  a good place to promote your act – but is useful for market research.  This is a great place for a musician to lurk and find out what are the problems, needs, and desires of acoustic venue bookers.  The better to be able to solve their problems and fulfill their needs and desires – making you a more attractive act to book.

Folk Venue List-Serve

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  1. I am a veteran music journalist interested in writing a story about small live music venues negatively affected by large fees demanded by ASCAP or BMI. Do you know of a room that closed down rather than pay what seemed to be an unreasonable fee? Or perhaps you operated such a room? Or maybe you know of a venue currently facing an uncertain future because of ASCAP/BMI demands that may be excessive?

    I know quite a few such situations have cropped up in recent years, but I need specific cases, and people willing to be quoted, before a story can be written. (Anonymous sources may also be helpful.)

    Many of you may know my work. My name is Daniel Gewertz, and I’ve written for Boston newspapers for 25 years. I’m looking into both Boston and national outlets for this story, so venues anywhere in the U.S. would be appropriate, though I do need some Massachusetts and New England places for the local angle.

    Thanks for any help you can give me!

    Daniel Gewertz

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