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WordPress Website Essentials with Jesse Petersen

artists-marketing-business-academy-interview-with-expertsYou’ve heard me say it again and again, you need your own website. A Facebook or ReverbNation page isn’t enough. To succeed in the 21st Century, you must have a web presence all your own.

For most people there are 3 obstacles to creating their own website and in my experience, WordPress solves all three.

In this Interview with an Expert call, I’ll be talking with Jesse Petersen. We’ll look at how WordPress dissolves the biggest website obstacles. And answer the biggest questions you have about creating a WordPress Website that announces your business on the Internet and makes it fun, easy and attractive for your fans, clients and customers to play with you and buy from you.

In this Interview you’ll learn:

  • The three obstacles to a web presence and how WordPress solves them
  • How to get started with WordPress
  • The 5 most important WordPress Plugins

And so much more. Take it from this died-in-the-wool technophobe – WordPress makes the website manageable!  And Jesse makes it understandable!

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Read the Interview Transcript

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Jesse Petersen

Debra Russell, Artists Marketing and Business Academy, internet marketing, Website, WordPress, sales and marketing

Jesse has been using WordPress since “the good old 1.x days” of its development and has seen it grow from something that once took a moderate amount of techno-savvy to choose a theme into the wonderful software that it is now; with one-click updating and uploading. Over the years, he has broken his sites and his themes hundreds of times and learned a new trick every time.

In 2008, he left corporate America to become the Support Manager at iThemes, a theme development shop out of Oklahoma; working remotely from his home in sunny Florida. It was during this time that he encountered thousands of bad WordPress installation issues, server issues, theme issues, and more.  That found him quite the following of people eager to get quick, easy fixes to their WordPress problems and he always seemed to have an answer within minutes.

In February 2009, he went out on his own, forming Petersen Media Group, LLC to launch his own WordPress services company. He currently has over 100 small business and blogging clients from England to Hawaii to Tibet. His services, while very specialized in his area of greatest expertise, draw from many areas of his experience and allow him to be the complete package for those clients who want it all: logos, branding, social media training, and website design and development. This breadth of knowledge makes Jesse an excellent choice for drawing in the big picture for his clients and guiding them in the right direction, whatever their needs are or budget allows: they are certain to get a straight answer.

5 Responses

  1. I’m sorry to have to do this.  While I think this class has awesome content.  I can no longer recommend Jesse as a designer.  While I think he is an awesome designer – he sucks when it comes to customer service and keeping his promises.  Use his knowledge – get his blog post that he mentions here – but if you are going to have your website designed – I recommend finding another designer

  2. I believe tumblr is a blogging site like blogger and wordpress.com. As Jesse talks about in the class – this is a class about wordpress, the open source program that you use to create your own personal website. NOT wordpress.com which is another blogging site like blogger and tumblr.

    While using something like tumblr to expand your social media reach may be a good marketing tool, it does NOT replace your personal website, any more than your myspace, facebook, twitter, or linked-in page does.

  3. This was tremendously useful.
    I do software for a living, but do not have the time to learn yet another tool and come up to speed.
    Jesse had great tips and gave me confidence that he can help get me up & running. WordPress then sounds amazingly easy to edit after the initial setup.
    I will definitely call Jesse!

    Just wondering about blogging….
    I’ve read alot lately about Tumblr. Is that a competitor to WordPress?

    Thanks again for the great chat,

  4. I want to clarify something Jesse said in the call. He said that you can set up a wordpress website for $100-150. This is what it will cost if you do the setup yourself.

    If you want to hire him, Jesse is available to help you with your website project. I recommend him highly.

    Contact him directly http://www.petersenmediagroup.com for his rates and a quote for your project.

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